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A NEW way to advertise.

Banner / advert rotator for Google AdSense™, Yahoo adverts™, Flash, Gif, your own text or textlinks.
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 How can you persuade your visitors to click on the advertisings you are showing on your website
and increase your site revenue?

With banners?

On almost every website you find flashy banners that try to persuade you to click on the advert.
This market segment seems a bit satisfied.
Today you are fortunate if you get a CTR (click through rate) of 0.02 %.
That is 1 click for 5000 views!!

With Google AdSense™?

An alternative offers Google AdSense™ or Yahoo™ advertising.
These text-adverts bring some tranquility in your web pages and they can be easily read with the content of the page.
But even here you can ‘play’ with colors, do you choose for contrasting colors or colors that fit the page layout?
Google™ does not offer an answer.

With text links?

Text links are easily to implement in the text that visitors are reading,
but with every edit of the text you need to adjust them.

Which then is the best method?

Because you do not know the visitors of your website personally, you do not know and you have to guess.
But each one of the above methods has their advantages.
Some visitors like flashy banners and other scroll them out of the screen to read or see only what they are interested in.


Well, the solution seems obvious…
On the same place on your website show sometimes a banner, sometimes a Google AdSense™ or a text-link.
So mix all the possibilities you have.
Of course it will take some advantage programming to do so.

The solution!

Advert-Rotator™ offers a simple solution.
On one and the same spot you can show Flash™ banners, Google AdSense™, Yahoo Adverts™, Gif images,
text or any kind advertising you like.
There is even no need to upload banners or images.


Let’s say you only have adverts like flash banners in a rotator, and the visitor to your site likes to read things off his interest in a quit environment, he or she would probably not click on the banners.
So your revenue or CTR = 0 %
If you only have Google AdSense™ adverts on a particular place on your site and the visitor does not like to read much at all…
Your revenue or CTR = 0 %

But if you rotate Google AdSense™ with image banners in the same rotator you have a 50/50 chance that the visitor likes the advert, sees it and clicks on it.
Your revenue or CTR = 50 %

How does Advert-Rotator™ work?

Add the adverts you want to use.
Paste de code/link you received from Google AdSense™ or your advertiser into a textbox,
give the advert a name, and choose a size, language, and/or country.

Keep going on like that for all your adverts you like to show.

Then you start a Campaign,
Again choose size, language etc. and save it.
Now you see a list of all the previously entered adverts that fit that size and with a single mouse click you add adverts to this campaign.
You can also set for each and every advert when it should be shown in this campaign, start and end date, show only in weekends or on a single date or day.
Click save and in return you get a single line of code.
This line of code you paste in your website where you want the campaign to be shown.

That's all folks!!

You can make as many campaigns as you like.
Add adverts to that campaign, remove them, and set them active on other days and so on.
In the statistics you can evaluate the views, clicks, CTR of your campaigns and adverts and if necessary adjust their settings.

More advantages.

There is no need to make changes in your website pages if you like to change your advertisings.
The line of code for each campaign stays the same.
Changes are made on your ‘back-office’ at
There is no need to have a stock or hosting for your banners.
No need to upload banners or images.
No coding is required.
Change your campaigns within seconds.
and more, much more

Try it out yourself

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There is a test-account to see Advert-Rotator™ in action.

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Marc C.

Expert Ezine@articles Author

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