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 What is Advert-Rotator™
 Try it out for free - NO download required.
Advert-Rotator™ is a easy to use advertising rotator for all kind of adverts.

NEW : Google Adsense™ in AJAX - Updatepanel !!

Advert-Rotator™ allows you to rotate any type of ad, banner or advertisement on your website.
Even in an AJAX UpdatePanel !

Whether it is a text, banner image, a Flash image, Google Adsense™, Yahoo Adverts™ or all of them, Advert-Rotator™ will rotate them with each refresh of the page or the Ajax Updatepanel.


Refresh this page or click the ad below
You'll see the result in the top of the page or below


Increase your site revenue with 500 %
and even more

As Featured On Ezine ArticlesRotating image banners and Google™ AdSense or Yahoo™ ads at the same spot can increase your site revenue amazingly !"


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In order to set up the free test-account for you,
please create a User Name.

Test-adverts and campaigns will be created at first login.

 How does it work ?
 Why Advert-Rotator™
Paste the url's from the adverts you want to use (banners, Google Adsense ...)
set some parameters (size, country, language)
name the advert (fe TestBanner01 )

and keep going on like that
enter your adverts (banners, Google Adsense, Flash Images etc)

nice ... next ?

Start a campaign
Choose the size for that campaign and then all previous entered banners/adverts are shown (from that size)
and with a simple click you add them to the campaign.
Choose on which days or period a single advert must be shown.

Pick up the ONE line HTML-code and paste it in your website
where you want the adverts to rotate.

and then ? ...

that's all folks !!

You can make as many campaigns as you like.

Succes !
  • Very easy to use
  • Just 1 line of html code to insert in your website
  • Show Flash, Google Adsense™, Yahoo Adverts™ ... ALL in the same rotator
  • Use received code from Commision Junction, TradeDoubler, Google, Yahoo and others
  • NO hosting
  • NO up or download required
  • NO database required
  • NO coding required
  • Get instant track of views, clicks, CTR
  • Real-time statistics per day, period, sizes, campaign or advert etc
  • Other advert after every click
  • Set advert expire date
  • Day of week targeting capability, you can set ads to only display on certain days of the week
  • Unlimited and custom advertising sizes
  • Unlimited Campaigns
  • Unlimited advertisings
  • Password protected administrator control panel
  • Works on ALL platforms
  • E-mail notification
  • Monthly payment available
  • Free fully working trial

 Supported advertising types
 Supported advertising sizes

  • Flash
  • GIF
  • PNG
  • JPG
  • Text
  • Video
  • Google Adsense™
  • Yahoo Adverts™
  • Google Adwords™
  • and many more

728 x 90 - Leaderboard
468 x 60 - Standard Banner
234 x 60 - Half Banner
120 x 240 - Vertical Banner
120 x 600 - Skyscraper
160 x 600 - Wide Skyscraper
392 x 72 - Vertical Full-Sized Banner
336 x 280 - Large Rectangle
300 x 250 - Medium Rectangle
250 x 250 - Square
200 x 200 - Small Square
180 x 150 - Small Rectangle
125 x 125 - Mini Square
120 x 90 - Large Button
120 x 60 - Small Button
88 x 31 - Mini Button
you can also create additional custom sizes

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